Questions and answers

A look at the most commonly asked questions; if you can't find the answer to your question, don't forget that you can contact us.

Mo Saeed consulting

I would like a private consultation, whom do I contact?

You will need to contact the Alexandra Hospital for a private consultation - the number for appointments is 0161 495 7000/1/2/3/4, or you can contact us online.

Do I require a GP referral?

Most private insurance companies usually require a referral letter from your GP in advance of you attending for a consultation.

How soon will I be able to get an appointment?

Manchester Haemorrhoid Centre endeavour to offer the earliest appointment possible, at your convenience. Appoitments are regularly available on Monday afternoons and Thursday evening, with occasional ad hoc clinics both at The BMI Alexandra Hospital and The Spire Hale and Regency Hospitals.

What do I need for my first appointment?

Your referral letter from your family doctor (this may have already been sent directly to the hospital). You should also bring details of your private health insurance, this normally incorporates your private insurance number and authorisation code for the consultation.

Self pay patients

Fees for consultation will be expected to be settled either on the day of appointment, or prior to you clinic date. If any surgical treatment is required then fees will expected to be cleared prior to the commencement of treatment.

Manchester Haemorrhoid Centre does have a card payment facility for self-funding patients or, alternatively, a cheque can be delivered to us.

What If I need surgery?

Mr Saeed will discuss the options for any treatments and if a surgical procedure is required then adequate time will be offered to ensure that you fully understand what is involved. Once you have decided to go ahead with the proposed treatment you will be asked to sign a consent form which may be either in the outpatient clinic or on admission to hospital. Suitable date for the operation will be decided in the clinic or arranged via Mr Saeed's private secretary.

What happens when the date for surgery has been booked?

You will receive confirmation of the booking from the Alexandra Hospital and an information pack containing details regarding your admission. You will receive from Mr Saeed written details of the cost of the proposed operation and the appropriate OPCS codes.

What is an OPCS code required by my insurer?

The OPCS code represents a particular operation. It usually consists of a capital letter followed by four numbers. Sometimes more than one OPCS code may be required. This reflects several procedures being undertaken at the same time. Once you have been given the OPCS codes you should inform your insurance company to obtain authorisation for the operation.

Who will do my operation?

Mr Saeed will perform all private operations and procedures.

Will I require a Pre-operative Assessment?

Some General and Colorectal procedures require an assessment and if this is necessary the hospital will make these arrangements for you.

When should I stop eating and drinking before surgery?

Mr Saeed’s operating list is normally on a Tuesday afternoon, therefore will need to stop eating and drinking at 7 o’clock in the morning. You should also refrain from chewing gum or sweets. If you have any questions regarding the period of starvation prior to undergoing your procedure then please contact Mr Saeed's secretary on 0161 495 6146 or 0161 495 7754.

Would I see the consultant again before surgery?

Mr Saeed will see you before the operation and go through the details of your proposed surgery. The anaesthetist will also visit you before the operation.

Will I see the consultant after surgery?

Mr Saeed will see you after the operation to check that you are comfortable and in a satisfactory condition before you leave the hospital. An outpatient appointment will be arranged and the details of this will be sent in the post.

If I encounter any problems after surgery, whom do I contact?

You can contact BMI the Alexandra Hospital at any time on 0161 428 3656 and ask to speak to the ward from which you were discharged. Alternatively, you can contact Mr SaeedŐs secretary during normal working hours. The contact details are available on the website and in the information pack given on discharge.

How long before I can drive?

You should refrain from driving within 24-48 hours of having a general anaesthetic. Beyond this period as soon as you feel comfortable to drive you can do so.

How much time will I need to take off work following surgery?

This is dependant upon the surgery procedure that you have had and will be discussed with you at your consultation and again before leaving the hospital.

Is my procedure covered by private medical insurance?

Mr Saeed undertakes a variety of procedures covered by private medical insurance companies. He is registered with all the main insurers, BUPA, Norwich Union, AXA PPP, Legal and General, First Assist, Royal Sun Alliance, standard Life etc. As both insurance companies and individual policies vary considerably you are advised to clarify your level of coverage with your insurance company. Please note in the event of a shortfall in payment the responsibility for settlement will rest with the patient.

Post op aftercare and support

What to expect immediately after surgery

1. Occasionally some patients may experience difficulty passing water after the operation. This is often in patients who have underlying prostate problems and can result from stimulation of nerves around the pelvis and anaesthesia. This is usually a temporary problem and if you experience any difficulties passing water then please inform the nurse looking after you.

2. Expect small amount of bleeding after opening bowels for the first week or two after surgery. If you experience large amount of bleeding then contact York Suite at the Alexandra Hospital for advice.

3. You have a dressing in the back passage which will come away when you open your bowels for the first time.

What to expect after discharge

1. It is important not to become constipated after surgery. A high-fibre diet containing fruit, vegetables, bran etc. and plenty of fluids can avoid this. Mild laxatives such as Fybogel (one sachet) and Lactulose (10 ml twice a day) each day for the first two weeks will be helpful. Both laxatives can be purchased over the counter at any chemist.

2. Expect small amount of bleeding after opening bowels for the first week or two after surgery. If you experience large amount of bleeding then contact York Suite at the Alexandra Hospital for advice.

3. Take regular painkillers such as Paracetamol and or Ibuprofen (please ensure there are no contraindications for you using Ibuprofen) for the first few days following surgery.

4. Avoid straining on opening your bowels and avoid heavy lifting for the first few weeks after surgery.

5. It will take up to 8 weeks for the full effects of surgery to be apparent.

Follow up appointment

Please make a follow up outpatient appointment for 6 to 8 weeks after surgery by telephoning the outpatient department Mr SaeedŐs secretary.

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